What to Look For When Buying Roller Banner Stands

The saying you get what you pay for is usually true and in the case of roller banner stands, unless you are very lucky, buying a cheap banner stand intended for anything more than a couple of uses will probably not give the results you want and may be a false economy. However, there are companies online who will give you a fantastic deal and a great quality product with a very fast turnaround time.

roller banner standsRetractable Roller banner stands work by using a roller which is tensioned to allow the banner to be held in place at the end of the pole and the tensioning pulls it taut, ensuring a wrinkle-free banner. When the banner is released from its fastening on the rear supporting pole when the stand is dismantled, the banner rolls neatly back inside the cassette. The advantage with this type of banner is that the graphic is protected in transit and storage, the disadvantage is that positioning two banner stands side by side, will almost certainly leave a gap between the two graphic panels so you cannot get the seamless backwall effect that is possible with some other banners when positioned next to each other.

Tension banner stands are very lightweight and use a telescoping pole or a springy fibreglass pole to create the tension necessary to pull the fabric of the banner taut. It is possible to create a backwall using several of these stands by adding magnetic tape to the reverse of the banners. It is also very easy to change the graphic banner whenever you wish if you opt for this type of display.

X BannerRigid Banner stands can be X banner or H banner, deriving their name from the shape of the supporting framework to which the banner which is separate from the frame in transit and storage is affixed at the top and the bottom, often with a simple hook and eyelet fastening. This type of stand is usually the cheapest form and is often used indoors for point of sale displays and similar functions.

The disadvantage with this type is that they do not have the weighted base cassette and therefore, stability can be an issue and a separate water or sand filled weighted base needs to be attached for safety if the banner is tall, or is required to be used out of doors.

Cassette Banner Stands are fitted with a cassette base, preloaded with a graphic and when the banner needs changing it is a simple case of swapping one cassette for another and normally no tools at all are required. This type of stand is robust as well as lightweight, the graphic is always protected when not in use and having several cassettes with different banners allows for flexibility whilst still having the reassurance that all spare banners have the same degree of protection from damage inside a cassette.

Removable Cassette banner stands – Removable cassette roller banner stands are easily interchangeable and don’t require any assembly tools. They are strong but still lightweight. The benefits of these banner stands means you can order many different cassettes and change your graphics at will.

Roller banner stands are available in many different heights and widths and can serve many purposes from a little stand placed at the back of a table top display, to a wide stand that forms the side or back wall of your trade show booth. The larger banner stands look really impressive and often have an outer framework to which the banner is attached at the bottom and top and the edges are protected by sidebars too.

Creative use of this type of display banner can add interest to your stand by varying the angles at which they are positioned, relative to one another and to create ‘compartments’ within your stand by placing them at right angles to one another.

The advantage of this could be to create a quiet area with seating where you can talk to prospective clients or separate different areas of your business, perhaps having products in one area, a digital signage display in another and a demonstration in yet another.

The versatility of roller banner stands is limited only by your imagination and creativity so you owe it to yourself to get the best quality you can unless you are sure you only want to use the banner on a couple of occasions for a product launch or presentation perhaps.

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