Pop up Displays for Exhibitions and Trade Shows

If you are considering the purchase of a pop up displays stand or any kind of portable display for trade shows and conventions, this site is designed to answer all your questions about what is available, how to choose the best options and provide hints and tips on stand design and location.

We provide information and advice on choosing your trade show displays and the right trade shows for your company, to training your stand staff so that you will gain maximum possible benefit from any show you exhibit at and gain more new business and grow your customer base.

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pop up displays

Choosing a Pop up Displays stand will probably be the best decision you ever made if your company is just thinking about getting into exhibiting at Trade Shows and Exhibitions.

Pop up displays are so easy to use and will probably be supplied in a suitable wheeled container or trolley. You only need to take a look at the huge range of pop up displays on some of the bigger sites to realise that you really are spoilt for choice!

One person can take all the equipment from the car to the stand space and erect the stand, a great advantage for small businesses that cannot afford to spare too many staff for the preparatory work of setting up the Exhibition stand. It is a very quick process to put the stand up, some companies advertise that it can be done in 90 seconds but I prefer to say around 15 minutes as a reasonable time for one person to get the job done!

Pop Up Displays, Portable, Easy to Set Up and Affordable

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Five Things Your Employees Need To Take To A Trade Show

Happy motivated staff

Equip your staff with everything they need to make the most of every opportunity for new business!

When you have a business and you plan to visit a trade show to set up your own display, preparing your employees will help to increase the chances of working together with new companies and potential business partners.

Having your employees carry the proper materials can increase your company’s exposure while also allowing each of them to shine while simultaneously representing you and the company itself.

Our Top Five Employee ‘Must-Haves’ For Trade Show Exhibiting

Organized Displays
combined displays boothsKeeping your trade show booth as organized as possible is a way to attract potential buyers and clients who are interested in your products or services. Use displays that are easy to ready and avoid cluttering the trade show booth you have set up for your business at all times. We all know how frustrating it is when we go to a restaurant that has a bad menu and we cant understand anything, just imagine how people would feel if that’s how they viewed your booth. Odds are they will just walk away from your booth and not interested at all in your company.

Booklets and Guides
Another item that your employees should have on them at all times is a booklet or guide to show potential clients and customers more information about your business and the brand you are promoting. With the use of wire coil booklet printing, you are able to customize various booklets to hand out to those who are visiting a trade show and who also show genuine interest in what you have to offer. Continue reading

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Ways To Make Small Businesses Look Big At Trade Shows

A small business can look big at a trade show

Our tips can help you make your small business look bigger

Small businesses no longer have to play second fiddle at trade shows.

Your small business can capture the audience with some cost-effective tools that will bring consumers to your table and make sure they never forget your company’s name and message.

The big boys used to be able to control the traffic with fancy offers, signs and attractions. But, now small businesses have more flexibility and can attract consumers with an array of cost-effective visual aids.

Trade show basics include a few strategies:
Always be on your feet and in front of your display. If you are sitting, consumers will not want to disturb you.

(Editor’s note: for more tips on staff training, check out our post on the topic!)

  • Use stand out digital signs to lure consumers to your booth.
  • Use customized signs that announce your business presence.
  • Have “New Item and “Best Seller” signage on display.
  • Announce an offer they cannot refuse.

These are trade show facts gathered from Exhibition Industry Research.

  • Consumers can walk by your booth in 4-6 seconds.
  • Display photos can increase consumer recall by 26 percent.
  • 81 percent of trade show visitors say they learn something about new products and services.
  • 83 percent of trade show visitors have buying power.

So, the pressure to have a booth with pulling power and the ability to attract more visitors is on. And, small business pulling power has been increased dramatically with the advent of new printing technologies like digital printing. Continue reading

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Devising Promotional Strategies For A Business Tradeshow

promote your business for tradeshow success

Your company’s experience of a tradeshow will depend on how much effort goes into promotion before, during and after the show

A tradeshow can either be a remarkable source for businesses to win customer and earn goodwill or a complete waste of time and money. The difference between these two stages comes from the promotional strategies you use to promote your wholesale business. Utilizing the same promotional strategies that everyone else uses certainly cannot bring any better results. So instead you should do something different than everyone else to bring notable results. A variety of promotion strategies for tradeshows are enumerated in the following post that you can pick according to your preference and business needs.

Before the Tradeshow

Pre-tradeshow planning is the most important of all and it begins with the choosing a trade show which is worth your company attending. Pre-tradeshow marketing is the next critical point after finalizing the tradeshow that you must focus on before the event actually begins. You can use the company’s website and other online sources to create a buzz about your presence in the particular event. You can use your own website to spread the words. Add sections on your websites like Forums, Event Calendars and send out newsletters to a large number of customers and let them know about the event. Plan to do it well before the event so that they can consider it and take out the time to attend it. Continue reading

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How to Get People to Listen to You at Trade Shows

how to get someone to listen

Learn how to get trade show visitors to listen to you. You want them turn into customers and spend their hard-earned Dollars with your company!

In this great guest post, from Ryan Rivera you will learn how to engage with visitors who might otherwise pass right by your trade show display stand without stopping.

Those first few seconds can be critical – so listen up and turn those passers-by into new customers!

Getting people to listen to your sales pitch can be a source of a lot of stress. Especially when people know that you are hard selling; they would mentally shut their ears from hearing what you have to say.

Being unable to get people to listen to you can cause anxiety over your sales quota.

Never fear, here are some useful and effective tips that will surely help you as a salesman and which will give you the edge and improve your sales.

Six Sales Talk Tips

  1. Build a rapport with your customer
    Building a rapport with your customer is a skill that every salesman should have in his or her arsenal. The skill or craft, if you will, enables the customer to have a connection with you. Building rapport means that you are able to understand them and you know what they want and their needs. This will build trust and confidence that is crucial in making them listen to what you have to say. Rapport is an effective way of making sure that your customers are connected with you. The more expert you become at building rapport with other people, sales talking will become so easy.  The more you talk to them about the product or service that you are selling they would feel like you are giving them advice instead of hard selling.  Thus, the stress and anxiety are reduced between you and your target customers.
  2. Have a pleasing personality
    As a salesman you need to build a pleasing personality in order to become a hit with people. People tend to listen more intently to persons that they can trust. Will you buy something from a salesman with a dubious personality? If you answer is no, then you hit it right on the head. People will more likely to do business with you if you project a credible and pleasing personality. This not only entails having some pleasing looks but also more of how you carry yourself well while conversing with your prospect customers.
  3. Learn more about the product
    Don’t expect to sell anything if you don’t have an idea what you are selling. Make sure you know the ins and outs of your product before telling people about it. Understand the product landscape and study the competition. Covering the bases is an effective way to plug the rebuttal that people may come up when they try to outsmart you. As you get to learn more about the product, the easier it would be for you to express your rebuttals should rejections and contradictions come your way.

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A Quick Guide To Proper Trade Show Etiquette

Apart from their obvious economic purposes, trade shows are highly social events. You must put your best foot, face, and yes, even booth behavior forward for guests and potential clients. If you are tasked to staff your company’s booth, you have to act and talk in the same way you would during any important social gathering. Trade show etiquette is fairly easy to master, and a lot of it has to do with avoiding particular behavior and emphasizing others.

Make visitors feel welcome with your speech and body language.

body languageHaving your company’s logo, list of products and services, and manning the booth are not enough to attract people. You are staffing the trade show for your company for a very important reason, and that is to engage visitors and customers.

You may have a prepared speech for any queries, but always bear in mind that potential clients may have questions that need personalized answers. Be ready for this, and show through your manner of speaking (friendly and cheerful) that any question is welcome, and that you would be glad to demonstrate your product or explain your services more thoroughly.

As for body language, avoid staying seated too long, especially when you see a guest approaching. Only sit down after offering the client a seat. Keep your arms uncrossed, as this gesture makes you seem unapproachable. Continue reading

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